Memory Care at Hearthstone


Fairhaven Retirement Community has been providing housing and health services for Whitewater and a large surrounding geographic area since 1962. During that time we have noticed that there is a special need to care for those who have a memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease or other related dementia.

This type of person cannot live in an independent setting like their home or even our apartments but yet does not need significant or complete medical attention. Needing more social care, such as orientation, individualized activities and security, this person is often frustrated in the more medically oriented nursing residence. Fairhaven is meeting this challenging need through a 24 unit specialized residence dedicated to the memory impaired individual.

Both the facility design and the program promote the independence of the resident while providing security and safety. Activities of daily living are something that residents participate in along with staff. The meaningful activities like preparing snacks, engaging in exercise, and other ability appropriate activities are integral to the program of the residence. There is routinely a staff ratio of 1 staff member to every 4 residents. This is in addition to the resident care coordinator, nurse consultant and housekeeping staff. The high staffing ratio assures that residents will have the individualized direction they need to effectively maximize their abilities.

The facility is designed in two groups of 12 rooms. Each room has a private bath and the ability to have cable TV and phone. The door to each room opens onto a dining and activity court. Because the building is divided into two groups, there is less excess stimulation than if there were one large group. Since too much stimulation can be disruptive to the residents, smaller group or individual activities are promoted.

Each court area features four skylights that allow for natural lighting which is augmented with a variety of other lighting types to promote a positive influence upon the residents. There is a working kitchen in each area and residents are encouraged to participate in the normal activities of daily living like assisting with table setting and some food preparation. The dining area accommodates both residents and guests. We encourage guests and family members to come and have a meal with residents and continue the familiar patterns of socialization that are so important to all of us.

There is an activity area in each center court as well as a separate activity room. Equipped with a variety of hands on activities, these areas serve as a focal point for the program. Each activity room has a TV and VCR for appropriate use of audio visual aids. Residents are encouraged to interact with the activity staff rather than be left on their own. Even such activities as laundry and folding clothes that are part of normal life are encouraged.

There is a large living room and fireplace in the Hearthstone Room that is adjacent to an open outdoor courtyard. These areas are available for family visits.

The residence is designed to promote independence within a safe setting. A secure outside area allows for freedom of access from resident living areas. Appropriate walking paths foster the walking that persons with Alzheimer’s love to do. Rather than being inactive in a small confined space, residents find many opportunities to explore interests. The outside courtyards are easily accessible to residents so that they are not frustrated by locked doors.

For further information you may direct inquiries to or contact Fairhaven by mail or phone (262) 473-2140.