Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Fairhaven?

Fairhaven is a Life Plan Community – which means we offer senior living and multiple care levels in a single location. Our goal is to help residents be as independent and active as possible. We offer the safety, conveniences and amenities of a retirement community and the full range of excellent health care services to support your current and potential future health care needs.

What is the value of being a not-for-profit?

Our number one priority is providing you or your loved one with exceptional care and services — not meeting shareholder profit goals. We are committed to offering a safe, secure, homelike setting while focusing on overall wellness and a healthy, active lifestyle.

What are the requirements for admission?

Residents must be in normal health for their age. A physical exam from your doctor is required prior to acceptance. Those requiring some level of assistance must be able to be cared for within the scope of Fairhaven’s licensure and policy. You must be of good character, and meet financial requirements to be able to pay for current and anticipated services through personal means and insurance. Residents are expected to manage their own financial resources in a responsible and ethical manner to assure payment for services received. If personal resources are depleted, residents are expected to apply for public assistance funds. Fairhaven will assist in this process. Except in a case of divestment of resources, residents will not be asked to leave because they cannot pay for services.

What are the financial obligations for Fairhaven and Prairie Village?

An Entry Fee is a one-time payment made by those residents entering an apartment or Prairie Village. At Fairhaven, the Entry Fee varies according to the size of apartment chosen. In addition, there is a monthly maintenance fee. This fee includes the apartment living space, all utilities (except telephone), cable television, all activities and social programs, heavy house-cleaning (every 4-6 weeks), weekly flat laundry service, kitchen appliances and Fairhaven’s transportation service.

New No Entry Fee Option – Fairhaven also has a No Entry Fee option for apartments. The monthly fee is increased accordingly, but you have the choice of either option. Prairie Village residents pay a refundable Entry Fee that is equivalent to the cost of the home. They are responsible for all utilities and services and property taxes as assessed by Fairhaven. Upon departure from Prairie Village, the resident(s) will receive a 90% refund of the Entry Fee that was paid if they depart within the first 10 years and then a prorated refund thereafter – but never less than 75% of the Entry Fee. No Entry Fee is required for entry into any of the care levels at Fairhaven; Supportive Living, Assisted Living, or Hearthstone Memory Care.

What provisions are made for health services?

We hope to help you stay healthy, but in case of urgent needs, our nursing staff is on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our apartments are licensed as a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF). Although you may not need routine services upon move-in, it
is good to know that, through our Supportive Living program, you may receive assistance with medication administration, bathing, dressing and the like while remaining in your apartment. Should additional assistance be needed, we also offer Assisted Living with multiple care levels and Hearthstone Memory Care.

Do I have to relinquish assets or turn over resources to Fairhaven?

No! Your commitment to Fairhaven is limited to the Entry Fee, should you choose that option, and the monthly maintenance fee. Though we hope your residency will be long and enjoyable, you are free to leave at any time. There is great value to a Life Plan Community. Once you qualify both medically and financially to live in an senior apartment, we are committed to your care for as long as possible – depending on individual needs. With apartments and care areas on one campus, transitioning from one care level to the next is smooth and supportive, and with the same familiar faces you have come to know and trust.

Why move to Fairhaven Now? I'm healthy and I get by.

This could be a perilous way to think. It is like saying, “I will only make a move if I have a health crisis.” That could only add to an already stressful situation. When health has worsened, there is a burden put on someone else for support and decision making. By joining a community when you are healthy, and of sound mind, you will get to choose where you want to enjoy the rest of your years. You will be able to take advantage of all the activities and new friends. Statistics prove that community residents live healthier and longer lives because of the stimulating surroundings and camaraderie of neighbors.

I can no longer drive. Is onsite transportation available?

We offer complementary transportation service for appointments, shopping and entertainment, within the City of Whitewater — five days a week and church transportation on Sundays. Out of town and special events transportation is also available — but may require a fee.

How often can friends and family visit?

Any time you wish. As a precaution, our residential buildings are secured between 5:00pm and 7:00am every day. Your guests are admitted thru the Main Entrance – providing safety for you, them, and other residents under controlled conditions.

Can I suggest activites, outings or form my own club?

Definitely. This is your home, and we are here to help you enrich your current lifestyle. As long as the activity or event can be shared with other residents and can be provided for by Fairhaven. We are always open to new ideas and forms of engagement.

Can friends or family stay the night?

Yes, your guests can stay in your home or apartment for short periods when visiting. We have limited furnished guest rooms available for a small fee.


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Our History

The father of Fairhaven was Rev. Dr. Jess H. Norenberg. He, among others, took up the vision of a home for the aging while serving as the superintendent of the Wisconsin Congregational Conference, later to become the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ.   Through his efforts and talent, Fairhaven became what it is today.

In 1962, five residents moved into a newly constructed apartment building in Whitewater that was designated for seniors. The vision of its founders was residency, not institutionalism, with residents coming and going as they choose and free from the burdens of homeownership and maintenance. Over the years, various other services were added – housekeeping, laundry, food service, and nursing services.

In those early years, the idea of having all levels of care under one roof (Life Plan/continuum of care) was new to senior housing. Fairhaven has been a leader in this concept and continues to grow and provide even more services for its residents.

Over our short 50+ years of existence, Fairhaven has added Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Assisted Living and Supportive Care in addition to the Independent Living Apartments that it first offered. Fairhaven also recognized the need for housing that would give specialized care to those with memory impairments.

Hearthstone was designed specifically to accommodate and care for those residents. Prairie Village residents, age 55+ enjoy an independent lifestyle while knowing that they have access to the amenities of Fairhaven and the care levels there if the need arises.