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Why move to Fairhaven?


For over 50 years Fairhaven has been refining and improving the way we provide care and accommodations for senior citizens.  From the beginning, our vision has been one of independent living for as long as possible and unparalleled health care and support when needed.   We encourage you to continue with your usual interests and pursuits and to maintain current friendships and relationships.   There is comfort in knowing that you can look to Fairhaven for additional services if you need to.


What are the requirements for residency?


A physical exam from your doctor will be required prior to acceptance.  This will help us determine the appropriate living environment for you.  Those requiring some level of assistance must be able to be cared for within the scope of Fairhaven's licensure and policy.  You must be of good character and meet financial requirements to be able to pay for current and anticipated services through personal assets or  insurance.


Residents are expected to manage their own financial resources in a responsible and ethical manner to assure payment for services received.    Once accepted for residency, except in a case of divestment of resources, residents will not be asked to leave because they can no longer pay for services.


What are the financial obligations?


An Entry Fee is required for independent apartments.  This is a one-time payment to help cover the cost of all services and conveniences that are included with your residency.  That Entry Fee varies according to the type of accommodation chosen.  In addition, there is a monthly maintenance fee for your apartment.  This monthly fee includes all utilities (except telephone), cable television, all activities and social programs, heavy house-cleaning (every 4-6 weeks), weekly flat laundry service, kitchen appliances, any maintenance needs and Fairhaven's local transportation service.


No Entry Fee is required for entry into Hearthstone, the Health and Rehabilitation Center, the Assisted living area and some levels of Supportive Living.


What provisions are made for health services?


We hope to help you stay healthy, but in case of urgent needs, our nursing staff is on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Our apartments are licensed as a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF). Although you may not need any routine services upon move-in, it’s good to know that, through our Supportive Living program, you may receive assistance with medication administration, bathing, dressing and the like while remaining in your apartment. Should additional assistance be needed, we also offer an Assisted Living area and the Hearthstone memory support residence. Finally, our Health & Rehabilitation Center is located in the central building and is certified for Medicare and Medicaid.


Do I have to relinquish assets or turn over resources to Fairhaven?


No!  Your commitment to Fairhaven is limited to the Founder's Fee and the monthly maintenance fee.  In addition, though we hope your residency will be long and enjoyable, you are free to leave at any time.


There is great value to a community that has an entrance fee.  Once you qualify both medically and financially to live in an independent apartment, you are taken care of for life.  With all the apartments and care areas on one campus, transitioning to the next level of care is smooth and supportive and with the same familiar faces you've come to know and trust.


Why move to Fairhaven Now?  I'm healthy and I get by.


This could be a perilous way of thinking.  It's like saying, "I will only make a move if I have a health crisis."  Yikes!  Who is going to feel like moving then?  Basically, when health has worsened, there is a burden put on someone else for support and decision making.  By coming to a community healthy and of sound mind, you will get to choose where you want to enjoy the rest of your retirement years.  You'll be able to take advantage of all the activities and new friends.  Statistics prove that community residents live healthier and longer lives because of the stimulating surroundings and the camaraderie of neighbors.




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