Life Plan Community Shield

Fairhaven is a Life Plan Community

By design, Fairhaven allows you to live in the same community throughout your retirement years.

As one of the original Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) in the nation, Fairhaven is uniquely qualified to meet your changing health care needs, while providing a multitude of social, recreational, intellectual, and spiritual activities. Create your retirement lifestyle – do the things you want to do! Stay connected with the people and things you love, but set aside time for new friends and pastimes.

There are many reasons why CCRC's, now called 'Life Plan Communities', are appealing to people of retirement age.

First of all, it frees your extended family from worrying about you. They know you’re being taken care of and in a safe place. There is companionship with your peers and ample activities to keep you engaged with daily life. Should the need arise, there are nursing staff on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all in one location. And you can still have as much independence as you like!

Life Plan Community residents do not wait for a crisis to make a move to a retirement community.

They consider the lifestyle offered. Experts say that residents who move in at a younger age get the most out of the community, and are more likely to do the things they have dreamed about. Not owning or maintaining a home makes leisure interests or travel easier.