The Fairhaven Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors empowered to receive, manage and invest gifts to Fairhaven. It was created for these purposes:

  • Further the mission of Fairhaven
  • Advance the field of knowledge about and services to the elderly
  • Support residents of Fairhaven who need financial assistance for housing and health services

Our Funds

Every dollar you entrust to the Fairhaven Foundation is carefully invested to maximize benefits that support Fairhaven’s mission to provide housing and health services which promote dignity, well-being with spiritual, intellectual, cultural and recreational vitality for our residents.  We do that using the following funds:

  • Benevolent/Memory Care Endowment
  • Educational Advancement Fund
  • Life Enhancement Fund
  • Performing Arts Fund
  • General Needs Fund

How you can help

Make a charitable donation gift to the Fairhaven Foundation.  Contact Paul Kuenning, Fairhaven CEO and Foundation President for more information.