Department Directors

Paul Kuenning

Shane Niman

Director of Facilities

Brian Robinson

Director of Marketing, Community Relation & Leisure Services

David Gackstatter

Director of Human Resources & Office Services

Jasmyne Hauger

Dining Services Manager


Shannon Schoville

Marketing Manager for Prairie Village/Executive Assistant

Betty Schelb

Director of Environmental Services

Jess Ward

Wellness RN Manager

Dawn Blazier

Infection Control RN Manager

Margie Giese

Wellness Nurse


Stephanie Zwitter

Hearthstone Memory Care




Rev. Luke Bocher

Executive Committee

Mr. Jim Caldwell

Mr. Gary Kincaid

Atty. Mark Olm

Mr. Fred Wileman

Rev. Max Rigert

Board of Directors

Dr. Richard Haney

Mrs. Marleen Lippert

Ms. Sharon McCullough

Ms. Ann Herdendorf

Rev. Margaret Shepherd

Dr. Richard Telfer

Dr. Gerald Theune

Rev. Jerry Wendt

Mr. Michael Wallace

Dr. Roberta Wedl

Dr. Kenneth Kidd