Get to know Kelsey Kollhoff- Senior at UW-Whitewater who just completed an internship with Leisure Services and hear from her about her amazing experience.

Our Q&A with Kelsey:

Q: Tell me a little about your experiences of your internship here at Fairhaven?

A: In my experience at Fairhaven, I was involved in and helped out with many different activities and built relationships with many of the residents.


Q: Starting your internship you have already visited Fairhaven, how do you think that helped you when it came time to start your internship?

A: With already having visited Fairhaven, when I came for my internship there were many familiar faces which was comforting with starting something new.


Q: What did your internship teach you about the older adult population and how might this help you in your future? 

A: My internship taught me a lot about the older population including how kind, grateful, and caring these residents are. They also have so many great experiences throughout their lives that they enjoy sharing with others.


Q: What did you enjoy the most about your time here at Fairhaven?

 A: I enjoyed getting to know and building relationships with the residents. I always had a great time playing cards, different activities or just talking with the residents. I could always find a way to make to residents laugh and they found a way to make me laugh as well


Q: What will you miss the most?

A: I will miss the residents the most and getting to see and interact with them every day. I could always find a way to make to residents laugh and they found a way to make me laugh as well. I will also miss being able to teach some of the residents about the different things that we participate in as college students.


Q: Did your perception of Older Adults change at all from when you started your internship and if so, how did it?

A: Growing up, I had a lot of experience with older adults, so my perception did not change much. I learned more about how to interact with them and find things for them to do that they would enjoy.



Q: How has your internship here at Fairhaven impacted what you will be looking to do next after graduating?

A: Working at Fairhaven opened my eyes to what it is like to work with older adults and I found that it is something that I really enjoy and something I would look into doing in the future.


Q: With your internship complete, what advice would you give to someone looking for an internship site and why they should be calling Fairhaven?

A: I would tell anyone looking for an internship to go to Fairhaven because it is a great experience. I really enjoyed my time being at Fairhaven. It was a great opportunity, and I will always be grateful for the residents and relationships I made while doing my internship at Fairhaven.