UW-Whitewater Student, Sophie Verkuilen, a Kinesiology Major and Allied Health Minor has spent the past semester holding an internship at Fairhaven!

We had a little Q&A with Sophie about her internship experience with Fairhaven and what made it so great.

Our Q&A with Sophie:

Q: You had experience with Fairhaven as a volunteer- what did you gain/learn more of through your internship?

A: I learned a lot about how important it is to be involved in activities and the importance of relationships that are gained over at Fairhaven.


Q: What did you do for your internship?

A: I accomplished a lot at Fairhaven including running different activities, being involved in special events, and establishing relationships with the residents.  


Q: What did your internship teach you about the older adult population and how might this help you in your future? 

A: My internship taught me a lot about the older population including how kind, grateful, and caring these residents are. They also have so many great experiences throughout their lives that they enjoy sharing with others.


Q: What will you graduate with and what occupation/field do you see yourself going into?

 A: I will graduate with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Allied Health. I see myself going into Occupational therapy for the older population!


Q: What/if any impact did this internship have on you personally?

A: This internship has had a huge impact on me. I will be taking what I have learned from Fairhaven throughout my life and my Occupation!


Q: What will you be taking away from this internship?

A: I will be taking away many things including how important it is to allow the older population to enjoy their time while also receiving help from others and how much each person has had a personal impact on me. 


Q: What would you say to someone considering Fairhaven for an internship?

A: DO IT! This was the best experience I have ever had, and I will ALWAYS be thankful for my time spent at Fairhaven. I was so lucky to have had this opportunity and will be back to volunteer in the future! The residents are some of the kindest people I have met and everyone needs to experience this opportunity if they have the chance!